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My System Specs


Installed Ubuntu Server on my second SR-2 today and disabled APCI in the install options. No longer getting an error. I downloaded folding@home and did what Dead Things suggested here.
Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
I don't remember much about Linuxrouter's image, but couldn't you run ordinary terminal commands in it? So all you would have to do is...

tar xzf FAH6.34-Linux64.tgz
chmod +x fah6
Then, if you run into the same A5 download error I ran into...

chmod +x FahCore_a5.exe
So Bob, provided the image accepts regular terminal codes, should thereafter be your uncle.
But I have no idea how to continue. This Linux CLI is like learning a new language.
How do I go about running folding@home?

EDIT: Seems I have got it working.

EDIT 2: How do I go about getting to see my Linux machines?

EDIT 3: SOOOO SLOOOOOW. I am getting less than 15k of P6701. Is there anything I need to do to get it to use both CPU's or something?
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