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Originally Posted by adrianf74 View Post
So, 9 hours, 39 minutes... 240 torture tests later... Slot 1 (DDR3_2)...

0 errors, 0 warnings.

That said, the OCZ RAM _is_ the culprit.

@ DAN, @ Charlie: Some guy named Adrian also says to stay away from the OCZ stuff, too. Apparently it's bad for your health.

The good news is that OCZ is out of the desktop/notebook memory business... so this should be easier in time. Now I just have to wait to hear back from OCZ and the local computer shop about what happens next.

Thanks to Dan, Charlie, Sharpie, KaptCrunch and anybody else who I've forgotten to thank. You guys have been a great help in finalizing the pieces of the puzzle. I know you guys enjoy troubleshooting stuff but I really appreciate all of your input and help. @SharpieTM: Thanks for your suggestion in running Prime95 in Ubuntu. I actually liked the interface and am thinking about putting a dual boot on my PC when I finally build it - I want to try and use it more often because it has a lot to offer with little overhead.
Hey, you're welcome. I think we have all been there trying to figure out a computer issue that had us stumped.

I run ubuntu as my main OS at home and have a dual boot laptop and work computer. I find it does make some things much easier than Windows 7, while lacking in other aspects in comparison to Windows. If you do want to spend some time with ubuntu, then I recommend downloading ubuntu-tweak. It certainly helps when you start out with ubuntu.

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