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My System Specs


Alright guys looks like I am folding on core A5 on the Linuxrouter VM.

Here is the quick and dirty on what I did:

1. Downloaded the FAH6.34-Linux64.tgz file using Firefox on good ol Win7.Download here:
2. Extracted the FAH6.34-Linux64.tar from the above file using 7z.
3. Then, extract the fah6.exe file from the above file. This now gives you the binary needed to get the A5 core.
4. Downloaded the vmware Linuxrouter image:
5. Extracted the image with 7z, and ran the vm. Once the VM runs do not start folding yet.
6. Using Win7, in network you should see a new computer on your network labelled "FAH". Navigate to it, and replace the "fah6" file you see in there with the "fah6" you extracted in step 3 above.
7. Run the fah6 with the bigadv and smp flags, or access the config page as outlined in this guide on step 6: How To: VMware & Bigadv Folding

The above steps might be vague on details, as its meant for those who have used vmware before. After testing, I'll try to update the guide we host, if Linuxrouter does not get around to replacing the binary himself.

I may also just drop the updated binary in there myself, and make the updated image available from my host via PM only as I don't want to use all my bandwidth up :)

edit 1: first snag:
I tried to make the number of cores availble to vmware 3.0 from the default of 8 to 12 (ie: numvcpus = "12") . Seems vmware 3.0 does not support more than 8! Does anyone know of a version that supports more than 8 cores that is free? Works fine, other than the 12 cores I have not going to 100%.
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