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Originally Posted by SharpieTM View Post
Hi there,

Sorry it took this long to get back. Work has been crazy.

I think you are on the right track with the Prime95 runs.

Did you say that you got one stick working perfectly and the other would fail the tests all the time??? If that is the case, you probably have found your issue.
No worries in the delay... I work a job with long hours, too.

Yes, the one stick if I place it in either slot by itself or with its pair, causes failure with Prime95 or Windows. If I run the one stick by itself, in Slot 0 (DDR3_1), the system seems stable. I was at about 85% on Long DST in Windows when my machine went to sleep and caused the test to fail. So, I restarted it. It's about 40% right now but no reboot or BSoD has taken place (and this is with the DVD and HDD attached).

EDIT: Long DST just successfully passed. I've since unplugged the DVD and HDD from the board and am gonna run Prime overnight.

**6AM EDIT**

Prime95 ran overnight with the stick of RAM in Slot 0 (DDR3_1) and I had to Ctrl-C the Torture Test after 173 tests in 7 hours, 3 minutes. 0 errors, 0 warnings. Now to do the same tests while I'm at work all day in Slot 1 (DDR3_2).

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