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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
With today's announcement of the new line of Macbooks comes something far more interesting: Thunderbolt. Specifically a new connect with up to 10Gbps speeds that is compatible with existing displayport devices.

Read more here:
Thunderbolt™ Technology

The technology uses both displayport and pci-express protocols - meaning most likely that we will be seeing PCI-express (more likely 8x, but maybe 16x) add-on cards to allow any system to add this connection type.

Now, my question? Will it be compatible with the Displayport connections on current-generation graphics cards?
1) The Thunderbolt controller connects to the PCH via a 4x PCI-E interface which means 8x / 16x add in cards would be pointless.

2) No. Thunderbolt requires a signal to be sent from origin controller to destination controller. That means if a graphics card doesn't have a TB licensed chip, it will not be compatible with TB products.
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