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My System Specs


Well first off, I'd avoid laptops. Manufacturers charge you waaaay too much for bad parts and then you can't upgrade when they become obsolete. The desktop you noted is better, but outdated by more than a few years. It's a bit difficult to build a decent gaming rig for five bills, but you could roll with a low-priced Sandy Bridge system with an AMD Radeon HD 6850.

CPU- The 2300 is a couple bucks cheaper but it's not worth saving the five dollars.
LGA 1155 motherboards are out of commission for now due to Intel's design fail, but they should be back in due time.
RAM Honestly just pick one you like. 2x2GB kits are dirt cheap right now, but the 8GB might benefit you more.
Get yourself a nice 1TB HDD for a good price.
GPU Nice cheap 6850.

Get a 500 or 550W PSU or a 600 or 650W for CFX.

Alternatively you could go for an AMD-based system, and it will likely b significantly cheaper, but AM3 is on its way out, while Sandy Bridge is just getting warmed up.
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