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Default Helpless gaming PC newb needs help...Build my PC?

Hi to the forums here from Medicine Hat, Alberta.

I am just getting into gaming on a PC as I have always been a console guy. Seems more and more new games coming out that I would like to play are for a PC now that I have decided that is what I want to do...I am lost, and have NO idea what mobo is needed for what processor etc..

I just bought another toy so cash is low..i'd like to spend under $500. I am looking at two machines currently and would like your opinion on them...OR if you could build me one that is possibly better than those for the same. Both are under $500. One is a desktop, while the other a Laptop. I love the idea of a Laptop, but I doubt the performance is anywhere's close.

If you could help me put a pc together that is better than these I do have a Case and Hardrive with my OS on it. So I would need a new mobo, processor, ram, PSU, and a graphics card.

It does not have to be new..just in strong working order.

Anyway on to the PC's...

Gateway FX P7805u Laptop
Windows 7 Pro - Genuine
- 4GB Ram
- 280 GB HD - Only OS installed, nothing else.
- Nvidia Geforce 9800M GTS Cuda - 1GB
- Intel centrino 2. 2.26 ghz


Intel Quad Core 3.0Ghz /w direct heatpipe contact stack cooler Q6600 OC
MSI p43-c51 motherboard
8GB DDR3, 500GB hard drive
EVGA 8800 GT 512MB
OCZ modular 500W
PSU Antec 300 Chassis
SATA LG DVD-RW /w lightscribe


something better suited ???

Thanks in advance for any help
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