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Originally Posted by tri5cui7 View Post
It's funny because as you see a decline in demos available for the pc you see a dramatic increase with XBox360 and the other consoles over the past few years.
Yeah, there's a heavy trend towards consoles I read. Game companies seem to like them better because the titles sell in higher numbers and the piracy is much lower in numbers and percentage, because piracy is not as feasible or as easily accessible as with the PC. How that goes in the future remains to be seen. However, the Steam platform might send things in another direction. I know I've bought more games with Steam because of the very low price sales they get. $2,50-$5,00 for hit games makes me so happy! $7,50 for Batman Arkhane Asylum GOTY is a fabulous deal!

It's all a question of financial numbers for them. It was interesting to see EA executives test the waters making public comments with the possibility of foregoing the demo for CRYSIS 2 to save development costs. Apparently, a demo is not a simple matter of cutting down the game in size.
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