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Try to figure out whether it's a hardware issue or a software issue (drivers). First thing to try is to rule out hardware problems.

Go and download the latest Ubuntu (Linux) CD from here:

Burn that to CD and put it into your DVD drive. Boot of it and once a screen comes up that says "Try Ubuntu" or "Install Ubuntu", just select the "TRY" method. It will bring up a full-fledged desktop with all the drivers installed already (since you don't have a discreet graphics card).

Now, download Prime95 for 64 bit Linux: , using the Firefox browser that comes with Ubuntu. It will be saved to 'Downloads' and you can find it by clicking 'Places > Downloads' (from the top panel).

Right click the file and select 'Extract here ...'.

Now open a terminal ('Applications > Accessories > Terminal') and type
cd Downloads
and then
cd mp*TAB*
(*TAB* means press the tab key). Now you should be in the directory of the extracted prime95 program. Now type

It will now ask you whether you want to join Gimps. Type 'N' and press enter. Next type how many threads you want to run, and since you got the i3-540 I would assume you got HT running too. So type '4' and press enter.

You want a blend of tests, so next type '3' and press enter. Finally press 'y' and enter, and it will start the hardware test.

Now, if it reboot suddenly, you know it's a hardware issue, since both Linux and Windows had the same issue. Let it run overnight and if it's still up and running, it's most likely a driver issue. My money is on your Realtek NIC driver. I bet if you put into google 'Realtek RTL8111E reboot' you will find what you are looking for (I didn't do that yet).

Hope this helped. (Sorry for the links not being active. First post, so I couldn't make them links)
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