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Default PSU possibly fried

Hi everyone,

like the thread title says, I think my PSU is broken. I recently ordered a PC for my parents. Yesterday the parts came in the mail and I assembled the computer. All went well, I installed Win7 without any problems. Then some basic too (Office, VLC, Avast Antivirus). After these installs I was briefly looking at a video on Youtube. While the video was playing all of a sudden my screen went black, even though everything was still running (fans were running). I restarted the computer and the intro screen from the motherboard came up but froze. I restarted it again and now nothing came up any more. I didn't hear any POST-beeps either. Now I went through all the normal elimination stages (remove RAM, 1 RAM-stick, remove HDD,...). All to no avail, finally I decided to see if it was the PSU, by hooking up my PSU I have in my custom build (Antec Quattro 850W). Started up no problem with that PSU, I kept the computer on for about 1-2 hours, working on it and it didn't shutdown. Can I assume then that it is my PSU? I also tested the PSU in my build and it wouldn't start just gave a long, continuous BEEP sound from the motherboard. Is it the PSU? Or could it be something else?

These are the specs of the PC:

- Processor - 1 x AMD Athlon X4 II 640 / 3 GHz
- AsRock 880GMH/USB3 R2.0 - Motherboard (Onboard Graphics used)
- Samsung SpinPoint F3 Desktop Class HD502HJ
- Kingston ValueRAM - Memory - 4 GB: 2 x 2 G
- Antec TriCool - Case fan - 80 mm 300 502 687 1924
- Xigmatek Asgard III - Mid tower - ATX
- Corsair VX450W - Power supply (internal) - ATX12V
- Sony DVD Drive
- D-Link Wireless Adapter

Another question, so I would have to return the PSU, I have an old HP (Hewlett-Packard) desktop still standing here. Would I be able to take the PSU out of that one and stick it in this new build? It says Max. 300W on the PSU. This would only be temporary until I get my new PSU. Would this work or should I not risk it?

Thanks in advance for your help,
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