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Originally Posted by Rison View Post
Personally, i'd go with a 60 gig SSD, then get two WD 1TB Blacks and Raid 0 them. Far more efficient, way better performance. If you're budget conscious, grab two 500 or 640 gig WD blacks instead for storage. Raptors are just loud and hot.

Case, good.
PSU, good.
Video, good.
OS : uh.. what does pro have that you need, that home doesn't? Most people go either Home Premium or Ultimate. Professional just has ability to join a domain / RDP server and file system encryption.. all things which are kind of moot. Windows 7 editions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If the revised sandy bridge motherboards were out.. i'd be recommending one of those with a 2600K and some ram. You'd have to squeeze around the budget.. and the SSD could be out of the picture though.
If you're buying new, a i7 950/960 is the best 'bang for your buck' processor. I like the ASUS Sabertooth or the Gigabyte UD3R motherboard. x58 a proven form factor - as the sandy bridge is a wicked overclocker, but unstable and frustrating motherboards to deal with currently.
With a budget of $1200, i'd be running around the BST forums here.. when people upgrade to sandy bridge, grab an x58 mobo + cpu.
Except for the fact that the built in windows backup in home premium can not save to a network location while pro can.
and now for something completely different

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