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My System Specs


Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
looks its a pre-amp with these spec's

Output power: 1W (16Ω Loaded);80mW(600Ω Loaded)
Headphone Impedance Range:16Ω 600Ω
SNR: ≥100dB(A weight)[LINE IN]
Distortion: <0.003%(100mW)[LINE IN]
Frequency response: 10Hz~100KHz
LINE OUT: 2V rms
Predriveout: 0-2V rms
Power supply mode: DC15V/ 1.5A

would a need a real amp/receiver to pump the bass
I wouldn't want to buy a full fledged amp for 200$ anyways. However it is able to sufficiently drive most if not all consumer cans.

So no, you wouldn't need a "real" amp or receiver for what this is intended for, headphones and IEMs
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