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My System Specs


Did you enable Network Discovery and File Sharing in the Network and Sharing Center on Server 2008 R2? Granted the options don't appear to be there once you go back, but in reality they are.

If it's only straight 2008, then I can't recall where it was in Vista. I believe there's a similar option though.

And you should have the same username/password as local accounts on both the server and desktops. That account should be granted permissions in the Sharing and Security tabs on whatever folder you're sharing.

If you don't want to setup and use identical accounts on both server and desktop, then you'll have to modify the Local Security Policy to change the way the File Sharing works. By default in Server, it's set to authenticate, but on Desktop OS's it's set to Guest mode. Meaning that you need credentials on the server to access resources but on desktops when you share something, it doesn't care who's attempting to access it.

And the other alternative, setup an Active Directory structure and everything will work without issues ;) Obviously a bit more complex though.
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