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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
Do you have any decent computer stores near where you live? If you don't mind disclosing your general location that wouldn't hurt either.
Reason I ask is because for a $900 budget, your build so far looks pretty overpriced. If you don't need to buy a monitor/keyboard/mouse, you can build a much more powerful system with $900. (unless that includes taxes, but in that case you could still do better)

Coolermaster Elite and Silverstone Precision series cases go for ~$35 on sale quite regularly, if you can't wait for one of those two, Thermaltake V3/V4's can be regularly had for under $40. If you can stretch your case budget, the Zalman Z9 Plus can be had for ~$50 and offers a ton more value.

There are some good Seasonic/FSP PSUs that can be had for under $40 as well. The Corsair Builder series takes the cake though, they can quite often be had for free or close to free after MIR, and their MIR's are very fast and reliable compared to other MIRs.

Right now on NCIX's sale page: - Buy Coolermaster Elite 370 Black Mid Tower ATX Case 3X5.25 1X3.5 5X3.5INT No PS - COOLERMASTER - RC-370-KKN1 - in Canada - Buy Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-430CX 430W ATX Power Supply Active PFC 120MM Fan *2 Year Warranty* - CMPSU-430CX In Canada.
That's about $70+taxes/shipping, but shipping deals pop up quite often at NCIX so I don't see shipping as a huge issue. If you can wait, you can either order from NCIX or Memory Express when the right deal pops up.
I live in Ottawa, Ontario and around me there's PC Cyber and some small computer stores.
The $900 includes monitor, keyboard and mouse. Taxes and shipping included too hopefully.
So far I have already bought the monitor for $120 (20" Asus widescreen, was on sale at newegg).
But the case I mentioned above has already been sold to another customer .

I can definitely wait longer as the new mobos only come out next month.
I'm not looking for anything fancy for a case. At most I will need 2 internal HDD bays and 2 5.25" slots for DVD readers. Something in the range of the mid tower ATX cases. All I ask for is that the case is sturdy and at least looks good. I really want a simplistic but stylish case, like the Dell XPS 8100. That's why I like the antec sonata, simple yet elegant. Some of the gaming cases look like ugly dark concrete blocks.
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