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Thank you Mr. Dead_things! Although I feel we may be getting too far into "benchmark territory" here

See what happened to the benchmark threads? Almost no one posts in time, new members avoid them, and it was a basically a failure (for me) to try to get everyone having fun together. Yes, benchmarking is fun, so maybe some of the challenges can be benchmark related - but I think it would be best to diversify these little challenges! Also, the Challenges and their difficultly maybe should relate to their rank ? I.E. harder challenges for the old folks and easier ones for the new guys?

Here are some other ideas I came up with when I wasn't able to sleep last night (Not all are benchmark challenges!):

- Hall of Fame-ers Underclock Challenge - Hall of fame-ers fight to get the lowest possible Stable clock speed. Challenge entries must be have a minimum of a 50% reduction in CPU Freq. from the stock speed.

- Top Prospects Case Fan Challenge - Top prospects can post a picture of the inside of their cases with as many fans running as possible. Creativity and unusual fan placement would earn spots for the final vote by the other ranked members!

- All Star Desktop layout Challenge - The Allstars can battle for the more interesting desk/windows desktop. The coolest desks/desktops are entered into a vote for the winner!

- Moderators Best Ban Challenge - Moderators can each submit their own drawn/created/designed "BAN" image, icon or avatar. To be voted on by all the other ranks (hopefully without the penalty of being banned themselves!)

Im getting psyched! This is starting to sound like a lot of fun!
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