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Thanks for the quick reply guys. Those sites really helped, after some digging around I was able to swap to a WD Black 1TB, upgrade to a 24" monitor, and a Corsair 750tx for $2 less than what I had before. I don't think a 6950 would fit in my case, if it did it would be sandwiched between my 2 hdd's. I think I'm going to stick with AMD for the time being. I would like to get the i5 2500k, but that plus an intel mobo, I would have to cut out some of the things I want to have right now, same with an SSD. Once I get the funds to upgrade I definately think I'll swap out though, buy a new case, and sell off the amd and mobo. One question I have though is, will the Corsair 750tx have enough plugs to run all of the fans, fan controller, media controller, hdd's, drives, etc.? And would the XFX 650w? If so, I might go for that, although it seems like the Corsairs are pretty solid.
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