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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
Not going to comment on what I think of post count / Rep, but I am all for anything that helps to get some of the older members posting more.
I would be more than willing to help if there is anything needed.
And no I dont want a user color like FiXT, SKYMTL's was way better.

Thanks for the vote of confidence SuperG!

I'm really liking this idea as a fun thing to do (for fun) once in a while. It'll promote the site, new users can view submissions and vote (or be in challenges themselves) and older users get to kick off some rust and try something they havent before

Seriously though... when was the last time you tried to hit a specific frequency when over/underclocking? Could be really fun! And thats just one example! Imagine was ridiculous ideas some creative minds could think of!
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