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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
There will always be haters, there will always be lovers and there will always be yes-men. I am not a yes-man, nor am I much a lover.

Doing a contest in the proposed format is not restricted to the long-time members. It is oriented around the people who make the most posts. That is all the 'ranks' indicate.

If I am to be constructive, I would say to screw the ranks, Gav needs to hide them from the posts even. Instead, one should use the year that people joined as the basis for who can enter into what for cmeta's thingy.

I just get in a bad mood when people on any forum start talking about post counts and the ranks based on post count because it is all a bunch of crap. Seems to me it would be better to ditch the ranks and let ratings/rep happen but only if you absolutely need that sort of thing to happen.

Anyway, there, I am being slightly constructive. Use the year people joined instead of their rank. People cannot change their year and there is no reason that you could not dip into 2009 or 2010 if needed. Granted, gav would get less ad hits from people flooding in from contest tracking sites..
I second that.

Post count / user ranks mean sweet F. all to me.
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