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Default An Idea for Ranks - Member Challenges?

Mayhaps this isn't the best idea, but I've oft wondered what the heck the Ranks really mean anymore.

So, I came to a fun and possibly amusing solution: Member challenges!

What is a member challenge? Silly contests with thematic or unusual requirements that are open to those higher-ranked members with enough time to waste on them

An example, Mr. Meta? Why of course:
"Today's contest is open to Allstars and above! The theme: Clocks and the number 7!"

- That's it! Imagine the hilarity! Replies coming in on the thread containing screenshots of users that managed to underclock to 777Mhz? Or match the CPU/Ratio/NB/PCIe frequencies to all have "7" at the end!

What's the prize/reward for entering these Challenges?
Probably nothing, to be honest. But then again there's bragging rights... Oh! and maybe this idea will actually take hold and the staff will get in on arranging more tangible benefits, but don't blame me if they dont!

Who decides who wins???
Ah ha! Now here's the best part! Each challenge could be unique in "judges" department. But, in a nutshell, it would be the other ranks (or just one other rank?). Returning to my example from before: The Allstars/Hall of Famers compete on the challenge - the mods will most likely trim the finalists down to a few (say 10 or less) entries, then they create a Poll to let the remaining ranks decide who is to win!

Along the same notes, we could make the mods compete and let the rest of us decide who would win in their challenge(s),

Now the big question is: What do you all think of this idea? It may need some tweaking, but i think it could result in some great fun, unusual contests (to say the least, imagine the open-ness of the challenges?) and some hilarity as well. Decide! Tell me your thoughts!
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