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A few comments here. :)

1) You can buy superior power supplies from companies like Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair. I guess depending on whether or not you will be using a dual graphics card down the road, you can easily get away with a 650W PSU. In fact, a decent one would be XFX 650W (Seasonic made) psu which costs $70 as well.

2) You can pricematch parts at NCIX, a Canadian company. Use and copy-paste the name of the product you want to buy. You'll save $100-200 easily that way.

3) You don't want to be gaming on a Green drive. They're meant for storage. For $1500, you can easily fit in a SSD or black drive.

If you can wait till Spring, I would jump on buying Sandybridge as it offers the best performance for its price point, and will last you much longer than what you have listed. I recommend looking at Anandtech for some benchmark comparisons between the processor you've listed and the i5-2500k, and the i7-950.

I made a post awhile back for someone who wanted to buy a $2000 rig. I've edited it in light of your budget and took into consideration what you've listed as well.

$287 i7 950 (i7-960's should be coming down to the same price if they haven't already)
$200 ASUS Sabertooth X58 mobo
$200 EVGA SSC+ GTX 460
$127 Corsair 60 GB SSD OS/Boot drive
$66 6GB G. Skill RAM 1600
$80 WD 1TB Black HD
$78 XFX 650W PSU
$80 Noctua D14 cooler
$70 LG Blu-Ray Drive
$94 Windows 7
$5 Artic Silver Thermal Paste
$165 ASUS ML228H Monitor

Fans - COOLER MASTER Excalibur 120mm (x2) - $25
Apevia 80mm (x2) - $4
Scythe Kaze Master Fan Controller - $36

Total ~ $1500


I swapped out the cooler with Noctua's D14. If you're going to spend that much you might as well buy the best (arguably) in class performance/silence. Other options would be the Megahalems, Thermaltake Friio, etc. There's some reviews on this site for these coolers in case you want a comparison. I also added an SSD into your build for some file transfer/load time upgrade!

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