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My System Specs


Hi sankukai,
I have a Sharp Aquos 32in running at 1360x768 using a DVI to HDMI cable on a HD4850 , from what I can tell most 32in 720P sets that are out on the market use a 1360x768 panel. I have the feeling that because your using straight HDMI CCC is only giving you HDTV resolutions (1280x720 is 720P), not sure but you might be able to add a custom resolution to CCC (1360x768 @ 60Hz).
Running at 1360x768 on my set gives sharp text with no blur, but running in none native res will make text blur. Also if you get it to run in 1360x768 make sure you find the option in the TV menu called DOT BY DOT are 1:1 PIXEL RATIO are PIXEL BY PIXEL and enable it, what will this do you ask, well most of these sets are actually 1366 not 1360 but you can only get 1360 output (trust me I've tried) in which case the set will overscan up to 1366 causing blur with text, having 1:1 pixel trued on will keep the original format leaving 6 pixel 3 on each side of the screen unused (you won't notice them) you can even try this with a lower res like 800x600 (not HD res as it will be overscan) and you'll see that the set will stretch to full screen without 1:1 but will not if 1:1 pixel mapping is enabled.
Hope this helps.
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