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I can PM Coolermaster R4s for about $5 and change or Coolermaster BladeMasters (R4 is in the name, too????!?) for a bit more, almost $8. Which should I get? Also, should I get a fan controller? I'm wondering if I should get two fans for the heatsink so that I'd have push-pull? The mobo has a 1x4 pin for the CPU so how would I use more than one fan? I am feeling I probably have to buy a hardware-based fan controller but does that allow adding more fans or is strictly a controller for the fan speed?

I'm not used to having so many fans in my pc so I'm a bit confused at the moment. :)

I have a couple of fans in the intake and the exhaust has a fan, too. I believe the mobo has 3x 3 pin for case fans so the spots for fans are all used up now. What do I have to do to add more fans so that I can have at least one or even two heatsink/cpu fans?

If I get a fan controller, what options do I have then and which one do you (or anyone) recommend?

I'm just trying to figure this out before I order because I need to buy a rechargeable battery charger, too, and thought one at NCIX looked good. However, 'being undecided and unsure about the fan-based hardware has me a bit puzzled and still looking. :)
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