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Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
I was just wondering, I recently purchased a titan fernier from a gentleman here and I replaced it with hyper 212+ by cooler master. However, I am not seeing any huge improvement. ALthough, I read big reviews about the fernier.

There is a big difference in size and the size of the heatpipes. One copper heat pipe equals 2 of hyper 212's. Anyways, another thing, the top of my cpu, I scrathed the top surface just a bit while I was trying fit in fernier, is that ok? Or would that make a huge performance difference?

I currently have my set up in Antec 1200, the room temprature is about 20 degrees celicus maybe 22 at most(as its in my basement).

When I overclock my cpu with Titan to 4.0 I reach the temps just under 70 degrees celcius on full load on Prime 95.

On stock 2.66 which has turbo boost so it goes to 3.2ghz, i only get upto 45 degrees with prime 95

PS. Please don't make fun of me too much, but you are more than welcome to do so. As I am in my mid 30's and recently got into PC gaming and wow huge difference from console. I love pc gaming. If you have any suggestions please tell me.

What would be a very good cooler, mind you I dont want to spend more than 60 dollars.

Thanks all!
first of all, why the frog would we make fun of you,sir?
yes we may be looking like screwing around on here from time to time(talking about myself in particular :D )
but in no way we go out of our way to insult people or anything like that.

now, the 212+ is a killer of a cooler. if you were to test both coolers with the SAME fan?
it would come a bit on the lesser side vs the fenrir. but, unless you apply generous ammounts of voltage+oc? the difference will not be stellar.
now,for the cut. yes it can mess up your temps...1-3 degrees? maybe more maybe less,maybe not
much at least that you wont notice. unless its something like totally bad? shouldnt make much difference, i think.

70c at 4 gigs is a very good tep to have for an i7 hehe, so stop complaining and get those zombies..err..aliens..anyway,whatever you play against!!!
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