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Default Radeon HD 6870 HELP

Hello guys....

It's sankukai again. I'm sure some of you will remember me from the MB and the RAM forums after I decided to tinker with my shitty motherboard's BIOS and some new RAM I bought. it seems my videocard had trouble, or so it would seem.

After my running memtest and entering safe mode to see if my memory and OS were OK, I thought that the worst was over and my PC would be back to "normal". Now, whenever I bring up the ATI CCC the screen flickers a lot as if the card is having problems of some sort. It also happens when I am just browsing or using some other program. I thought it might have been my old monitor since I recently upgraded my 14" monitor to a 32" HD LCD LG TV and I still get this problem. I also installed the latest set of drivers and I'm wondering if that is causing the flickering. This did not happen before and I am kind of fearful that my previous overvoltage experiment messed up my videocard as well. Could it be a faulty DVI-to-VGA adapter that I am using to hook my PC to the LCD TV? could it be a faulty cable? Does any one have an idea why this might be happening now?

What programs would you guys recommend to test the health of my Radeon HD 6870?

I need help....once again

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