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My System Specs

Default Titan Fernier X'mas edition for i5-750 p55-ud3

I was just wondering, I recently purchased a titan fernier from a gentleman here and I replaced it with hyper 212+ by cooler master. However, I am not seeing any huge improvement. ALthough, I read big reviews about the fernier.

There is a big difference in size and the size of the heatpipes. One copper heat pipe equals 2 of hyper 212's. Anyways, another thing, the top of my cpu, I scrathed the top surface just a bit while I was trying fit in fernier, is that ok? Or would that make a huge performance difference?

I currently have my set up in Antec 1200, the room temprature is about 20 degrees celicus maybe 22 at most(as its in my basement).

When I overclock my cpu with Titan to 4.0 I reach the temps just under 70 degrees celcius on full load on Prime 95.

On stock 2.66 which has turbo boost so it goes to 3.2ghz, i only get upto 45 degrees with prime 95

PS. Please don't make fun of me too much, but you are more than welcome to do so. As I am in my mid 30's and recently got into PC gaming and wow huge difference from console. I love pc gaming. If you have any suggestions please tell me.

What would be a very good cooler, mind you I dont want to spend more than 60 dollars.

Thanks all!
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