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Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post
Your PSU and cooling should be fine just watch the temps when your OCing. Get Real Temp, it works the best for Intel chips, to check it. AutoTune and CPUz are likely reading the current values since most modern cards choke the speeds when they are idle. There are some great guides around about overclocking 775, its a little more complex than can really be explained here although I'm not sure how indepth you want to get into it.
CoreTemp is more ideal for 65nm chips over the 45nm.

Overclocking a 775 chip was actually the easiest in the group as all you really ever had to do was drop your ram speed to a lower spec.. up your FSB to a higher spec and make sure your voltages were ok.

Most Intel chips are capable of 1.4v for the CPU and the 65nm were notorious for being able to go 1.45 or even 1.5v without flinching.

65nm chips were also good in the sense they were able to take heat better and not fry themselves so 80' temps on a 65nm chip was considered ok!
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