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My PSU is a 750w Silencer 80 Plus, which is made by OCZ (I think). My CPU cooler is a Thermalright something or other. It's pretty thick, with what looks like 3 pipes per side (it's been a long time since I built this thing).

As I mentioned in the title, I've never overclocked this board or cpu before, so if you could be as specific as possible about how I would go about adjusting memory or cpu settings that would be excellent. BIOS doesn't have nearly the options I'm used to seeing from X58 or P67 boards, coupled with the i5's and i7's.

-Edit: Running at 3.2 GHz now @ 1.42v Vcore, 1.44v on the NB, 1.44v HT, SB on Auto, 1600 FSB, and RAM unlinked. I thought the memory frequency would go up on their own as the cpu was overclocked? Was reading some information saying the vdroop on this board was particularly bad, so the voltage on vcore had to be increased more to compensate.

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