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There is an rfactor mod with those types of cars, I don't know about specific years or anything, its all the same to me 'V8 Muscle Car' lol too much torque, not enough power, mushy shocks, more inertia than a train, just about perfect!

oh found it:

It includes a 1968 Cuda, 1969 Camaro SS, 1970 Boss Mustang, 1970 Challenger R/T ,1970 Nova SS,1961 Ford Falcon,1970 Ford Torino,1969 Dodge Charger,1970 Dodge Daytona and a paintable El Camino pace car.
These cars do not in anyway represent any type of racing series (historic or present) or any particular engine and drive train configuration,they are just racecars

rFactor Central // rFactor Cars // American Muscle 3.00

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