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For most users it would be a toss up as the amount of files they NEED to be fast is probably only a couple GB (thus making the XT's nand an actual advantage). For enthusiasts who dont want to go SSD route...the Black. Its fast, its 50% bigger and there is no need to worry about only getting insane speed from 4GB's of your get a ton of speed PERIOD full STOP.

All depends on your needs, but i don't think you couldn't go wrong with either.
If size is an issue the Black 750
If bootup speed is your number one issue...the XT (though only on a small portion of data...this Black 2.5" is faster than a lot of last gen 3.5" hdds).
If you don't want to worry about NAND...the Black 750.
IF price per GB is your main priority...the Black 750.

Figure out what is the MOST important issue to you and make your decision on that.
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