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Question Eyefinity upgrade help needed

I have a Powercolor PSC+ 5770 with an amdx4 635 - 3x1920x1080 displays. I want an 80% improvement in framerates. Only want to spend around $100. What is the best/cheapest/future-proof option?

1) buy another 5770 and xfire it
2) sell the 5770 and replace it with something like a 6870, 5870
3) other

My instincts tell me to sell the 5770 and put the money towards a 6870...then, down the road I can xfire that. xfiring 5770's is a dead end, but maybe good enough and cheaper? any advice welcome

ps - I would be buying used or on sale with rebates. No way I'm paying retail.
pps - how much can I get for my 5770?
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