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My System Specs


I have access to a translucenty neon yellow SCPH-9001 PlayStation and Gran Turismo as well as Gran Truismo 2. Btw, in GT2, the Plymouth 'Cuda they have is called a 1971 even though it has 72-74 tail lights. Unless I am mistaken it might also have 1970 headlights too. Also, the Plymouth RoadRunner in it is just called "Muscle Car". The sides of the Plymouth GTX look very strange indeed as well.
Heh, just some things I have noticed. Can't say I like look of that year of RoadRunner though.

I do not have access to a PlayStation 2 however from what I hear from someone with one is that GT4 does not handle drifting well. This might either be because they do not have a wheel or GT4 is actually not intended for any drifting, either way I am not sure.

In GT2 my first car was a 93 Honda Civic, I wanted a 91 but I did not see any at the time. My second car was a Plymouth Cuda, they both did me well and I still prefer racing with them more than some 600hp+ pile of junk with a turbo bolted on.
It is kinda funny, that Civic (when maxed out aside from crap like brake/stability/traction controllers) can beat 400hp+ cars on that one night track. It is all in the corners. ;)
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