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Default another update

i woke up today and opened the case turned it on, the DRAM LED was lighting non stop so i followed the User's Guide instructions and pressed the memOK till it started blinking, the system turn off and then back on the way it was meant to do but suddenly the BootDevice LED was lighting so i shut it down and started it up and got in the bios and i got some PICS, when i got in the boot menu i found that the "boot option #1" was set for the Seagate HD, i clicked the " Hard Drives BBS priorities " and there i selected the Adata SSD i went back and found it was set as my Option #1. i guess that was the problem, wasn't it ? as for the ram i decided to leave it as it was (XMP mode). edit : i will continue testing (shutting down & powering on ) to see if it long gone

edit : guys i had to set the settings back from XMP to Auto cause it did not boot normally but after setting it to Auto it booted well, but i will keep testing.
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