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My System Specs


Well, so far with uninstalling everything using MPC-HC is working just fine on anything up until 720p rips.
Still with the very large files/1080p stuff it lags and chops.
Usage on a 6.1Gb anime movie(sword of the stranger 1080p flac audio) shows 7-15% max processor usage, and less than 1% of LAN usage. It plays fairly well and then jitters at some higher pace scenes.

Would using different codecs maybe fix this, or is this an issue maybe with streaming from a WD Green(5400RPM) > LAN > decoding on the TV PC? Maybe this Switch is crap... It's one of the older DLink green series. DGS-1008D. Everything is lit up to show a 1Gbit link.

I appreciate the input thus far, this is already running better using MPC-HC rather than the codec pack.
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