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Default No Display-Fans and lights turn on-FIXED

My original problem was my computer randomly shutting down without any error messages or anything like that, as well as not being able to turn it back on until after a while, seems like the longer I leave it turned off, the more time I get to leave it turned on before automatically turning off. Anyways so I decided to open up my computer and take out the heatsink and everything else out, and clean the dust off. After fully dusting off the computer I plugged everything back in and now the fans, and lights turn on, and the power supply fan slowly spins before finally spinning after a while. I get no display or any usb mouse light. I tried taking out the CMOS battery and then putting it back in, Also I get no beep when I take out the ram. I tried taking out the video card and plugging VGA unto motherboard. Also the hardrive, it spins so dont think its a hard drive issue.

When I took out the cpu it broke the thermal paste off, so I was wondering if that has to do with anything?
Also I am thinking if it might be the power supply and me needing more then 500 watts.

My Computer Specs:
Assus M3N78-VM
OCZ StealthXStream 500 watts P/S
OCZ 2x2gb DDR2 Ram
AMD Phenom x4 9600
Evga gtx 460 768 mb
Lg DVD Drive
Western Digital 1tb Black Edition
NZXT Guardian 921 case

EDIT: Thanks for everyone who helped me but now my problem is resolved, it was the Power supply all along.

Please Help!

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