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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
Dan is saying if pulled from the case and setup on say the motherboard box you eliminate shorting as a cause, have you changed anything in the BIOS to cause this issue?
Was it POSTing fine before and now isnt?
Have you tried a CMOS reset?
yes i changed the XMP setting in the Ram and when i found the problem i entered the bios and selected "boot menu " and picked the SSD as my Primary boot drive that is all, at the beginning i did not pay much of an attention to it cause i thought this is how the system boots up with this board and all, but then i noticed the problem. how to reset the CMOS in this board it does not have a button and i can not remember whether i found it in the bios or not.

one question, if shorting is a problem and it is fixed when the system is outside, why would i need the case ?
i mean if the shorting problem exists with the system being inside the case what can i do about it ?
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