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I think I'm with Wilson on this issue. It seems tablet manufactures are following the Apple route with their products instead of taking the Apple concept and adapting it to more mainstream PC use. Netbooks took off like wildfire when they were introduced because people are looking for a small form factor Laptop with enough flexibility to perform the same basic functions as there larger counterparts when they are on the road.

Then along came the Ipad and it inveserated the netbook market, it was a neat concept one that I've always thought was going to be a game changer. But this isn't what I was expecting. I was hoping for a windows variant to hit the market by now, but so far all I've seen is Andriod based tablets for the most part and of course the Blackberry offering. Another thing I'm disappointed with is the tethering many of these tablets to contracts, and various requirements to buy proprietary apps (how many versions of angry birds do I need!).

So what's wrong with Android, Apple and Blackberry tablets? Well as already mentioned they are just big cell phones. I don't want another device that just uses the same apps that my cell phone uses, I want a tablet that is basically just a different form factor for the netbook market. I like the tablet concept I like the size, not as big as traditional PC based tablets thus not as cumbersome. A PC based tablet about the size of the Ipad that doesnt' force me to buy from this market place or that. Something I could register with a cell company for internet service on the go would be nice, something I could tether to an exsiting cellphone contract would be better (data sharing). But I know where this is going, a PC read Windows tablet will be made it will be everything I hoped and it will use a Microsoft marketplace for apps, lol.

Anyway I'm rambling now and the kids need food or something.

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