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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
MPC used to be included with CCCP IIRC, again havnt used it in quite some time. I used and liked MPC but never could/did get my remote ( remote is trough my tv tuner Meh I paid $13 W/shipping) to work correctly even though it works fine with WMC/WMP.
Not meaning to thread hijack but if you know a workaround Lowfat and dont mind PM me, Thanks and back to the thread.
MPC-HC isn't MPC. It is substantially better. Not sure if you were referring to the old MPC or MPC-HC. MPC-HC uses its own built in codecs or can use DirectShow codecs if you wish instead. As for remotes I have no idea since I don't use one. But you could likely use EventGhost to get one working with it.
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