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Originally Posted by Inate8 View Post
The laptop is an alienware m11x, top end model: Alienware Landing with the i7 option.

Just remember, it's ONLY a problem WHILE streaming from my main PC to the living room PC.
If I transfer the content TO the living room PC and play it locally, it works great.
We get that but we also want to cover all our bases before suggesting or looking into a network problem. MKV HD files should play find over a 100Mb wired connection even, so it's doubtful its a network connectivity issue, especially if youre just going through a "dumb" unmanaged gigabit switch. So then it's either a codec issue - which deals with buffers and how the files are handled when streaming, or a sharing issue as Supergrover suggested. Networking problem would be my 3rd choice :P

Alienware M11x uses a GT335m doesnt it? Thats far newer then an 8800gt
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