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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post


If your OS is Windows 7 it will make no difference which SSD you pick as all modern SSDs are TRIM aware. Just make sure to be in AHCI mode and using either Intel RST drivers, AMD’s latest drivers OR the default MS ACHI drivers. The ONLY caveat is with AMD. AMD (unlike Intel) were late to the SSD party and only added TRIM support to their 8xx series SB controllers (e.g. 890FXA). This means earlier AMD boards will NOT pass on TRIM. If you do not understand what AHCI mode will be explained in section 10.
Is it really the case that the only AMD chipset to support trim is the 890? I was under the impression that the AMD AHCI drivers didn't support TRIM with AMD chipsets but the MS ones did.

After reading AkG's FAQ, I did some more research on this topic to see if the general consensus had changed since I did research leading up to my purchase of a Sandforce drive using an older AMD chipset, but I could only find some confusing indications that TRIM might be working with the latest AMD drivers and the 8xx chipsets. Nobody seemed to be suggesting that the MS drivers didn't support TRIM on AMD chipsets.

This post by QB the Slayer on this AMD forum page suggests that TRIM has been tested working on the 790 chipset using the MS driver but not the AMD driver as of Oct. 2010:
AMD Processors Forums - AMD AHCI Driver SSD TRIM Support

So it seems that TRIM can work with AMD systems as long as you stick with the MS driver. Of course, maybe there is other evidence that suggests otherwise... I did find some information which suggested that TRIM (working or not) doesn't really do much with SF drives anyway.

Confusing stuff.
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