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My System Specs


I call BS on nVidia making anything that breaks 350 W TDP. I even have trouble with the idea of them making something that on specs breaks 300W TDP.

Still, considering how hush hush anything from nVidia has been, if they release (and that's a bit of an if imo) any dual GPU, it will be based on the 5xx design. I don't see them wasting their TDP cap by not using all their recent improvements to the architecture. I'm tempted to say the only real worthwhile option is the 560 dual option as SLI 560s beat the 580 by about 30% and the SLI 460s are almost neck in neck with the 580. Considering that they usually have to slightly underclock dual GPU cards, making a dual card that isn't at least 15% better than the 580 doesn't make sense to me...

I don't see them wanting to cannibalize their 580/570 sales by making a dual 460 or 550 and selling it for less than the 580, so maybe we'll see unofficial dual fermi (i.e. 460x2) that offer great prices, but I'm pretty skeptical that nVidia will make a dual gpu... but then again, they did a good job of hiding the GTX 580 :D
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