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Did you get more than one cable from Monoprice? If you did, do they all have the same problem? If you only have one cable, then maybe it's just faulty. I had a faulty RCA cable from Monoprice once (no audio would transmit over it) and they quickly shipped me another, no questions asked. Didn't have to return the busted one either.

I suppose another possible alternative would be to use a DVI-to-HDMI cable instead. Perhaps that would solve the problem? For only $4.69 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 15ft 28AWG HDMI DVI Cable w / Ferrite Cores - Black | 28AWG HDMI-DVI Cables The pinout seems identical to the included DVI cables at least.

To add to your confusion, the included ASUS cables are DVI-D but single-link. The ones you bought are DVI-D dual-link. Thus the missing pins on the ASUS one. Although it still really shouldn't matter, but perhaps it's wired up incorrectly inside the monitor or is grounded out or something. I don't know...
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