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Originally Posted by jangyman View Post
Thanks for the comments, folks!

Re low USB2 transfer speed. After some research (and via links sent by Dang), I've learned to accept the ~30Mbps max - thx! I will buy an enclusure that has an eSATA interface, since my case has a connector on the front panel. The ~66% improvement in speed may sooth my impatient nerves :) ...I guess I just have a problem with the spec stating a 480Mbps throughput and the reality being only producing a fraction of that.

Actually, it is not as bad as you suggest. The USB 2.0 transfer speed is 480 Megabits/second, not Megabytes. Since 8 bits=1 Byte, simply speaking the maximum transfer speed is less than 60Mbytes/sec. With transfer issues, overhead etc... the 30MBytes/sec you're getting is OK, I guess.
But the eSATA is going to make a big difference... transfer speed will jump to 1.5 or 3.0 Gbit/sec.
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