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Default When, what, who, dual fermi?


After the release of the 6990, everyone is building more rumors of a dual Fermi card. But will it be an official nVidia solution, or will their partners create this card with permission from big green?

When are they coming out? Maybe in a month or less?
What are they going to be? GF100 chips? Careful binning? GF114 chips?

Well, the 6990 is out and almost everyone is saying "until nVidia's flagship product..." which implies that someone has told them that there will be a dual GTX 5xx or something. Some interesting points have been made, which improves the chance that the "590" will indeed be possible...

1. Max TPD 375w (I thought it was 325) to get certified.
2. Allowable to use monitoring programs to keep TDP in check.

Nvidia Readies Dual GPU GTX 590 for March > Hardware >

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