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My System Specs


Thanks for the comments, folks!

Re overheating, I will pull the box open tonight and take a look at the installation. The heatsink comes with a solid paste on the base that I imagine melts into a goo once the temps rise. I will buy some paste and a more heavy duty cooling unit today. Another factor may be that there's a baseboard heater behind my home theatre setup. Perhaps I could put something (piece of cardboard?) under the HTPC and extend out to the wall so the heat doesn't hit the until directly. I'm in a rental apartment, so some days the heating's low and some days high...can't control, and there's really no better place for my setup. But at the rate I'm buying electronics, I'll never own a house :(

Re low USB2 transfer speed. After some research (and via links sent by Dang), I've learned to accept the ~30Mbps max - thx! I will buy an enclusure that has an eSATA interface, since my case has a connector on the front panel. The ~66% improvement in speed may sooth my impatient nerves :) ...I guess I just have a problem with the spec stating a 480Mbps throughput and the reality being only producing a fraction of that. I guess I should just be happy that I'm healthy and warm

Again, I'll post pics of the setup, but the files are so large, as my newly acquired DSLR won't produce smaller sized pics. I wonder what the best way to post would be...I'll probably get a Picasa account and post a link.

Thanks all!
HTPC: ASUS P7H55-M PRO mATX | Intel i3 550 | LG CH10LS20 SATA Blu-ray
Case: nMedia HTPC-1000B (on order)
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