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My System Specs

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Took the machine back to the store and builder and it worked fine.

The builder said it looks more like an indentation as opposed to the node being "folding back" from something in the pci slot.

At my request he looked closely and attempted to clean anything in the pci slot. Tried the card in slot 1 and 2. All was fine.
Tried it with one monitor and two. Using cloning and using a two monitor setup. No issues.

I brought it back home and the problem was still there.

It made no sense to me given the previous troubleshooting, but I decided to try replacing all the new DVI-D cables with the original monitor cables that are DVI-I. It worked fine.

I called the builder back and told him someone had mentioned there should not be any difference in using either DVI-D and DVI-I, which is why I got the new "longer" DVI-D cables. He mentioned he saw something on the web saying it did matter with an eyefinity setup. I'm not sure what he was looking at. But that's the end of this scenario for me. I will keep the card despite the indentation and take the builders word that...there's more than enough of the node to make good contact for it to work. If it got dented from something in that pci slot...I believe that it is now gone.

Very bizarre scenario where one of the 3 monitors would always be distored yellow or blue when the DVI-D cable was plugged in to the lower DVI port on the GPU. Even my attempt at two new cables and one old...and the problem was still present. Not until all DVI-D's were disconnected did the "one monitor distortion" issue go away. So not a very intuitive issue, where all DVI-D cables cause only one monitor to have an issue...and even then, only when one of the 3 monitors is plugged in to the lower GPU DVI slot. Weird.

I still need some longer monitor cables, so I will order some long DVI-I cables for this eyefinity setup.

Thanks for the help.

FEB 15 ENTRY: all references to DVI-I are incorrect. My bad. I'm being told the cables that came with the monitors and those that I bought are both DVI-D. But one is single-link, the other dual-link.

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