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104C is hot. One of my HTPCs runs at 26C, the other at 50C.

You might find that an average low profile cooler might be tight in your case. It seems that there is not enough airflow to blow the hot air out of the case (the hot air is just circulating round and round, getting hotter...) or the CPU and the cooler are not mounted correctly.

You do have thermal paste between the CPU and the cooler on top of it? And the cooler is properly mounted with no gaps? Just asking.

If you cannot solve the issue of airflow, have you thought of one of these? I like the idea (Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50) but I don't know how good they are. I originally thought of using it when I put together one of my HTPCs but stopped because of the price.. but now they're on sale(in the link above). The only issue is you need to see if you can fit the radiator outside somewhere.

EDIT: Canada Computers and Corsair mention that this is for sockets 1366 and 775, but on the Corsair website and on the Corsair forum they show the H50 is compatible with the 1156 socket as well.. anyone have more info on this?

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