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My System Specs

Default Parts are in and I've assembled!

Hey folks!

Ok, I went to pick up the case and PSU Friday night and built the machine Saturday - I'll post build photos and commentary soon. I have a couple of issues I'm dealing with at the moment:

Low USB transfer speed
After loading Win7-32bit, I proceeded to start copying media files from an external drive (NexStar CX enclosure w/ WD Scorpio Blue 500GB drive - all SATA II/USB 2 compliant), but my data transfer rate was a mere 30MB/s, whereas USB 2 should support speeds up to 480MB/s. The BIOS version is up to there something else I should be doing to bring the data transfer speed up? Driver of some kind?

CPU overheating
Well, after 4 hours of data transfer, I started looking through the BIOS to find out if I could adjust USB settings, and I noticed my CPU temperature was a whopping 104C! Naturally POST wouldn't let me start up at that temperature, so now I must purchase a cooling unit. The Intel i3 550 chip comes with a pretty basic unit that I saw in Canada Computers for $10. After assembling the parts I took a rough measurement of the headspace in the case, and it looks I have about 4"/10cm to work with. I saw a few candidates for better cooling units with large fans, but they would get pretty close to the top. There are perforated openings on the top, but not directly above where the cooling unit would be, so I guess my question is how much space is sufficient between the fan and the top cover to allow for air flow? Any other suggestions you may have?

Thanks all for your input!
HTPC: ASUS P7H55-M PRO mATX | Intel i3 550 | LG CH10LS20 SATA Blu-ray
Case: nMedia HTPC-1000B (on order)

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