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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
Dammit man! I would love to have to assemble my case before using it! That would cut down on the size of the shipping box, it would mean that they likely designed it for assembly with screws so I could easily take it apart and mod it without having to drill out rivets and other shit like that!
Never mind that building things is fun. :D

And you are complaining about this?
Stop QQing like a pansy fairy and build that bitch up all badass!

The shipping box is huge, it's double boxed.. I saved nothing by paying $50 US for shipping.
I really wish you lived by me MacJunky, I would have payed ya $20 if you like to put things like this together. I like building computers, but building cases with sharp edges sucks.

The website clearly states : "Photo images show: Finish - Anodized Black, Big Window Side 1, Solid ALU side2, Triple 120 side3 (top)."
Nothing about added fan grills, fans, custom 5 1/4" bays. Hell, one could assume it comes with a power supply.

I am complaining, because I thought I bought a finished product.. and now I have to go out and find 120mm fan grills and 5 1/4" bay covers to match this case.. which is going to be near impossible because it's so custom. For a guy who's overspent on the SR2 project already, it's just another kick in the pants for something I should have never done.

The case is built, but it's far from complete. If I can't find the fan grills locally it'll be expensive to buy them online ($2.99 a fan grill? lol.. x16 of them) and I have no idea what to do about the 5 1/4" bays.

Thanks for the link Alpine, that's the same one Ben at MM sent me.. and I just realized it's on the front page. However the Pinnacle 16 can be orientated about 4 different ways, depending on where you want to put your PSU / motherboard tray.. so when I was trying to put it together, it didn't help much (also the fact I was pretty tired trying to figure it out) It took me a few times to finally get it setup right.. it does seem pretty easy - but once again, tired.

If you bought a PS3 on ebay from a reputable company.. and the picture showed a PS3 with controllers, games, power cord and everything.. and had no description. If you were shipped a bare PS3 with nothing else.. you'd be pretty pissed off too I bet.

I'll learn to manage my anger, when people learn to manage their stupid.
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