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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rison View Post
I am going to bitch and whine about purchasing a case that totals over $400, and it doesn't even have fan grills, or 5 1/4" bay covers.. which it shows in all the pictures when you purchase the unit.
Ya I was looking at the MM cases a couple years ago and I found it impossible to determine what exactly was and was not included with the case. Very frustrating I agree.
Sounds like a $400 case and they want to nickle and dime you for more.
The red P80 might have been my dream case but I just couldn't justify the $550 price so I wound up getting an ATCS840 which is bloody huge and I like it very much indeed (was price matched for around $190).

Edit: ATCS940 wouldn't fit an SR2 either I believe (not without a ton of modding at least)
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