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Originally Posted by Rison View Post
Tell me where it says I have to put it together myself.
It doesn't state the specifics of what you receive, like how many back plate covers and screws included.. so I went by what was in the picture.

I'm sorry you can't see the problem behind a person buying what they see (all the pictures on the page show fully assembled computer), being different than what they are shipped.
Buying anything off the internet based off pictures is simply not a good idea and most people will tell you that considering the fact they even tell you what is included!!!!

If you are unsure of something or something doesn't feel right then ask but I as most of the people around who know of Mountain Mods know what to expect if you order anything from them.

Sorry but I feel this is more of your fault than Mountain Mods and your angry at them because of reasons that aren't justified.
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